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PrimoPDF is a powerful platform for creating, converting to and printing to PDF documents.

PDF stands for Portable Document Format. Adobe created the format to simplify and standardize the transferring of documents. You can convert any document into PDF so if a recipient is set up to accept PDFs, you can send any document in that container without concern. PrimoPDF is a tool for Windows that lets you create, edit, convert to and print to PDF. It’s also freeware, which means that you can use it to create and otherwise manipulate as many PDFs as you like without cost.

PrimoPDF lets you interact with it in many different ways. It has its own user interface, and you can create, convert and so forth from within the UI. Included in the UI is an editor that provides you all the tools needed to insert, extract, rotate and otherwise manipulate text and images. PrimoPDF also exposes itself as a virtual PDF, which means you’ll have access to it automatically from within any program that supports printing. For instance, choose File -> Print from within Notepad and that text will automatically be sent to a new PDF. That works with Word, Excel, web browser and so much more.

PrimoPDF also has a command line interface. This lets you use the application without the UI, which is particularly powerful for scripting batch jobs. Thanks to the power of Windows, the average user can take advantage of this feature via drag and drop. Drag any text document to the PrimoPDF shortcut on your desktop or anywhere and drop it. The program will automatically convert it to PDF.

This program gives you a lot of security options as well. You can secure PDF documents via 40-/128-bit encryption. You can password protect documents. Individual PDFs can be configured to disallow printing, commenting, copying, editing and more. You’re also able to send the PDFs you make via email. Finish a report, and then, convert it to PDF and send it out to a mailing list with just one click.

As mentioned, PrimoPDF is freeware. However, there’s also a paid version. It has trialware, but if you choose to continue using it, you’ll need to pay. The paid version provides integration with Word, supports collaboration and review, has form automation features and more.


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PrimoPDF is a revolutionary PDF file creation application that provides you with ultimate control over your files. Whether you are an editor or a student trying to create the perfect report, you will likely grow to love PrimoPDF. You can easily combine documents and configure fonts for ultimate readability. PrimoPDF is an intuitive application, and you will not have to spend hours trying to learn how to use it.

Customized Settings to Create Precise PDF Files

The customized settings enable you to create the exact type of PDF that you desire. You can specify the design that you want in your ultimate PDF file. Whether you want large fonts, highlighting or flippable pages, this PDF creator does it all.

Created with a User Guide

Those who have little experience in creating PDF documents will find the Help Guide to be useful. The makers of PrimoPDF have provided a user guide that contains answers to frequently asked questions. You can learn how to convert images and files using the PrimoPDF software.

Quickly Create the PDF You Need

PrimoPDF is particularly useful if you need to create a PDF file on demand. If you only have a few minutes to create a PDF file, you may want to check out this PDF maker. It will instantly convert a Word document into the PDF you need. The software is also able to convert PDF files from Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint slides and open source documents. The software is reliable, so you will be able to trust that it will work during critical times. You can also convert high-volume documents into PDF files in just a few minutes.

Great Design

Another advantage of using PrimoPDF is that you will not have to worry about an altered design. The software produces PDF files that do not contain a watermark. This means that you can create PDF files that may be submitted to customers, an educational institution or your boss. You can maintain the integrity and professionalism of your work when you use PrimoPDF. The PDF maker also allows you to choose from a variety of templates for your chosen project. You can easily create an e-book, report, flyer or flipbook. The templates also provide you with properties that you can use to enter information. You can enter information like the title or author of your work.

Pros and Cons of PrimoPDF

If you are looking for a low-cost PDF maker, you need not look further than PrimoPDF. The PDF maker is available at no cost to the public. Some of the other advantages of this software are:

  • You can set a level of encryption for confidential documents
  • You can easily edit PDF creations
  • You can create professional and high-quality publications

The PDF maker does have a few downsides. Here are some of the disadvantages associated with the PDF maker:

  • The PDF maker can be cumbersome to use
  • You may receive reminders to install updates for the software

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